The Hub itself serves as the central focal point of the wider and functions as a spacious restaurant, catering to the diverse needs of various productions teams, staff, and stakeholders on the site.

Our team diligently adhered to a fast paced 20 week programme, ensuring timely accomplishment of key milestones, including the critical launch date. Our commitment to excellence extended beyond project boundaries, demonstrated through our collaboration with the Community Wood Recycling project. Recycling 10 tonnes of timber with a 100% repurpose rate, we actively contributed to the community’s environmental and social welfare.

Moreover, our project management expertise enabled us to complete the project under budget, showcasing our efficiency and dedication to prudent resource allocation, all without compromising on quality. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as 360 imaging, we maintained real-time oversight of project progress and facilitated seamless communication among stakeholders, to ensure we adhered to the programme.

In addition, our team focused on collaboration with the Shinfield Management team and neighbouring studios, this proactive approach ensured smooth integration with the surrounding environment and stakeholders, mitigating potential conflicts, and fostering a harmonious site environment .


Shinfield Studios Ltd


Scott Brownrigg

Contract Type

JCT Design & Build

Project Area

6,781 ft2

Project Highlights

The successful completion of The Hub represents the final phase of building works which forms part of the industry leading Shinfield Studios campus.

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