Initiated in 2021, the project comprised multiple phases and involved the transformation of a greenfield site into a state-of-the-art complex featuring 18 new purpose-built sound stages, workshop and mill space plus a contemporary office environment, comprehensive site-wide infrastructure, landscaping, and a bespoke 600-car park.

Despite encountering challenges such as early access requirements and client procurement strategies, Curo Construction demonstrated adaptability and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle. Notably, the utilisation of a self-delivery model and investments in risk mitigation strategies bolstered project resilience and contributed to improved outcomes.

Shinfield Studios also sets a benchmark for sustainability in construction, with all buildings achieving an EPC rating of A. Implementation of Air Source Heat Pumps and adherence to BREEAM assessment standards with a 74.5% BREEAM Excellent Target underscore the project’s commitment to sustainability.

The success of the Shinfield Studios project can be attributed in large part to the collaborative efforts of Curo Construction, the client, and design teams. By fostering open communication channels and aligning programme and procurement strategies, the project remained on track for timely completion. Phased handovers of the studios allowed the client to commence filming activities while construction was still ongoing.

Despite facing challenges such as concurrent phases, procurement constraints, and legal agreements, Curo Construction successfully navigated through obstacles, ensuring minimal
disruption to project timelines.

The completion of Shinfield Studio marks a significant milestone for Curo Construction, showcasing their commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable development. As Cine Valley takes its place as a premier destination for film and TV production, Shinfield Studios will stand as a testament to the collaborative efforts and dedication of all involved.


Shinfield Studios Ltd


Scott Brownrigg

Contract Type

JCT Design & Build

Project Area

1,800,000 ft2

Project Highlights

Completed in multiple phases and encompassing a total area of nearly 1.8 million square feet, Shinfield Studios has emerged as one of the largest and most advanced film and TV production centres in the UK, expected to generate substantial economic value for the UK.

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