Facing the constraints of a live building, we strategically navigated limited access and concurrent works on adjacent floors. Custom-designed trading desks and kitchen units were expertly installed alongside upgraded mechanical and electrical systems, ensuring seamless integration and operational efficiency. Sustainable practices, such as reusing carpet tiles and glazed doors, underscored our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Throughout the project, we maintained an incident-free safety record and effectively managed noise complaints from neighbouring floors. Our strong rapport with the client team and building management facilitated clear communication and collaborative success.

This plug and play fit-out not only showcases our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction but also emphasises our ability to deliver exceptional results in challenging
environments. The new workspace at One Finsbury Square not only embodies functionality and efficiency but also stands as a testament to our ability to enhance productivity and reflect our client’s vision for a modern, dynamic workplace.


Old Mission Capital


GPAD London



Contract Type

JCT Design & Build 2016

Project Area

7,222 ft2

Project Highlights

This project highlights our dedication to creating exceptional spaces through innovative design, careful planning, and a strong commitment to client satisfaction. Our goal was to transform Level 4 into a dynamic, functional workspace while overcoming logistical challenges and managing noise issues in a live building environment.

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