Our tasks include the precise demolition of the northeast corner of the building, spanning from the basement to the ground floor. This is executed with meticulous planning and precision to maintain the structural integrity of the remaining edifice and to prepare for the innovative construction phase. The team are particularly proud of the new super structure, seamlessly integrated from the basement to roof level, within the existing building’s framework. A creatively designed terrace has been added, ingeniously maximising space and functionality while complementing the building’s architectural legacy.

In terms of interior development, CAT A works harmoniously merge modern requirements with the building’s historical charm, involving the installation of essential services and finishes, all in keeping with the building’s character. Finally, the team implemented a ‘white box’ specification in the basement, as part of the first level, and the new roof level. This provides future occupants with versatile, neutral spaces, ready for personalisation to suit diverse needs, be it retail, office, or other uses.

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, blending history with modernity in the heart of London.


Shaftesbury Capital PLC


Garnett Architecture LLP

Contract Type

JCT Design & Build

Project Area

17,222 ft2

Project Highlights

Our team is delighted to have been asked to work another Shaftesbury Capital PLC, project located on the King Street and Garrick Street intersection. This undertaking involves the transformative revival of a historic 5-storey building, originally constructed in 1860, blending its rich heritage with modern functionality.