Beyond the meeting room partitioning and the harmonious oak parquet flooring, this office floor offers direct access to an outdoor amenity space—a distinctive feature that sets it apart. This direct link to the outdoors enhances the overall work environment, providing a refreshing atmosphere with ample natural light.

The meeting rooms and breakout areas were further enhanced with new lighting solutions, creating an inviting atmosphere that fuels productivity and creativity. The installation of a German kitchen and island units, complete with high-end appliances, showcases our commitment to seamlessly blending style and practicality.

Our sustainability efforts were evident throughout the project. Waste was diligently stored on-site until a substantial quantity had accumulated to minimise vehicle movements. We forged strong partnerships with key stakeholders, fostering collaborative and efficient project delivery.

Every detail on Level 6 received careful attention, from the full-height oak glass screens to the thoughtfully adorned floors, ensuring a refined finish throughout. At Curo, we take pride in transforming spaces into innovative and inviting environments where every detail is considered with care.


Global Holdings Management Group (UK) Ltd


Clark Architecture



Contract Type

JCT Design & Build

Project Area

4,819 ft2

Project Highlights

Curo Interiors successfully completed the CAT A+ fit-out at Eden House Level 6, skilfully blending functionality with aesthetic charm.
Encompassing an impressive 4,819 sq ft, this contemporary office space surpasses traditional expectations.

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