As principle contractor, Curo Construction carried out essential maintenance work on this prestigious building.

Extensive planning and liaison with the Museum’s stakeholders was undertaken in the months before starting works, to allow for a comprehensive 3D design to be created, that showed the visual impact the scaffolding would have on the iconic main entrance to the building.

Once the design was approved, scaffolding was erected to the soffits, pediment and two temporary roofs, and were all wrapped in a bespoke colour netting that was a pictorial representation of the pediment statues.

For the main works Curo Construction liaised closely with the Museum’s design team and our supply chain to structurally reinforce the central and eastern roof voids.

We have extensively repaired and partnered the existing timbers and cast-iron beams to prolong the lifespan of this area of the building as decay was weakening the structure. The soffits have been repaired and restored using traditional plastering techniques and materials, with the aim of creating the illusion that the soffits are Portland Sone. The entire south and east colonnade copper roofs have been replaced to current British Standards, as these were previously replaced over 60 years ago and had many points of water ingress. Additionally, an upgrade to the Gallery 48 rooflights and new louvres will future proof the galleries artefacts.

Being entrusted with restoring a part of history is a privilege and we consider this one of the most important projects we have undertaken to date.


The British Museum


HOX International


Arts, Heritage & Culture | Refurbishment

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JCT Traditional without Qualities 2016

Gallery of works.