The five-storey 39 Russell Square, primarily constructed of brickwork, underwent light refurbishment to enhance its suitability for office and project space. Key interventions included installing kitchenettes connected to services from the 2017 works, minimal new flooring in mess spaces for maintenance ease, and lightweight stud partitions to improve security and function. Existing resources, such as lockers and desks, were reused, utilising current power and data services.

The Old Science Block, a two-storey concrete building with a historic façade, required significant remedial work. Repairs and preservation focused on adapting it for workshops and welfare facilities. We stripped out half-height partitions, fittings, and fixtures, installed new showers, WCs, and internal partitions on a raised floor for drainage, and applied waterproofing below ground level. Existing fenestration was used where possible, with necessary alterations for ventilations.

Structural layouts remained largely unchanged, with external repairs on a like-for-like basis. Roof-level works included waterproofing and potential insulation enhancements. Accessibility improvements connected the Science Block to 39 Russell Square, and security upgrades featured new entrance doors with swipe card access.

This project exemplifies our ongoing partnership with the British Museum, balancing historical preservation with modern functionality.


British Museum


Wright & Wright


Arts, Heritage & Culture | Refurbishment

Contract Type

JCT Design & Build 2016

Project Highlights

The refurbishment of 39 Russell Square and the Old Science Block for the British Museum highlights our dedication to preserving historical buildings while modernising them for contemporary use.

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