Our recent fit-out project undertaken for a charity organisation Crisis UK in London stands as a testament to our team’s proficiency, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Building on the success of our previous
collaborations, the charity entrusted us with their new acquisition, a project with the ambition to both reconfigure the existing space and accommodate more than 80 staff members.

The primary challenge was to create a space that was both functional and inspiring. Our skilled team, in partnership with specialist supply chain, responded by designing a reception area that not only welcomed visitors but also included additional desk space for four members of staff, and four state-of-the-art meeting pods. These new features ensured a dynamic and productive environment for everyone working in or visiting the facility.

However, the innovation didn’t stop there. Attention was also given to the basement area, where the construction of locker rooms, bike storage, and a maintenance room were meticulously planned and executed.
The first and second floors of the building underwent significant transformation as well. These floors, which are accessible to all building users, now house diverse activity spaces, a vision care office, and a well-stocked library. This multifunctional approach provides a welcoming space for creativity and learning, and aligns perfectly with the charity’s ethos and community focused

Managing this project within London’s bustling environment presented unique challenges. The condensed programme and tight logistical constraints required an agile and adaptable approach. Through careful pre-planning and the application of flexible methodologies, our team adeptly navigated the specific and ever-changing needs of this important client.

This fit-out project is a shining example of how a combination of ingenuity, collaboration, and meticulous planning can transform a space to meet the evolving needs of a modern organisation. It showcases our commitment to delivering projects that are not only on time and within budget but also imbued with a sense of purpose and excellence that resonates with our clients’ values and aspirations.

The success of this endeavour solidifies our reputation as a trusted partner in the field and lays the foundation for future collaborations.


Crisis UK


Engine Room Architects



Contract Type

JCT Build & Design

Project Area

15,823 ft2

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