After successfully completing the CAT A refurbishment across five floors and the reception area in 2022, Curo Interiors seamlessly transitioned into the CAT B refurbishment for the Level 6 offices.

Throughout the challenging 18-week PCSA period, our team executed modifications to building services, encompassing electrical, mechanical, fire alarms, CCTV, and access control. Despite the limited site footprint and the absence of storage space, we adeptly navigated the project’s intricacies. Transporting substantial materials to the 6th floor without mechanical aids presented a unique challenge, given the restricted access and occupied lower floors. Notably, installing a 3-meter moving wall and high-spec acoustic partitions demanded thoughtful planning within a tight timeframe, including the installation of heavy steel provisions in a confined ceiling space.

Our detailed approach extended to achieving acoustic ratings amidst multiple challenges, such as existing services above ceilings and hollow curtain walling. The benchmarks provided for the acoustician’s review proved effective after rigorous testing.

The result is prime office space showcasing bespoke kitchen islands, seating areas, and planters. We take pride in delivering a project of high standards, meeting stringent acoustic specifications, and ensuring client satisfaction from occupied offices on lower floors.







Contract Type

JCT Traditional

Project Area

7,200 ft2

Project Value


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