The key to our success across all of our projects is our Supply Chain. Our performance depends upon a trusted and preferred supply chain so our aim is to choose the right companies to partner with and maintain and improve that relationship on a long term basis.

For us, it’s all about focusing on shared goals across Curo, our supply chain and our clients.

Curo Partnership Culture

  • Open lines of communication across all departments
  • Safe working – ensuring everyone goes home having worked safely on any site
  • Supply chain relationship management
  • Act in a respectful and socially responsible manner
  • Maintaining the highest quality of workmanship
  • Be part of our supply chain

Be part of our supply chain

We’ve partnered with Constructionline because we want to make the onboarding process as straightforward and cost-effective as possible for our vendors. Constructionline gives us a clear view of your accreditation status, so we can be sure that you’re ready to work with us at any time.

If you are already Construction Gold please click the below link to register your interest and be added to our supply chain database.



If you are not Constructionline registered or would like to upgrade your account to become Constructionline Gold please click the below link ensuring you use the code CURO23