The impact of the industry can have on millions of people is a vital consideration in what we do at Curo.

As a company, we have an impact on local environments around our projects and the people within them every day. The Curo Management feel that it is crucial we provide the relevant support to our employees, customers and the community in which we live and work. The key areas of focus are:

  • Health & Safety is at the very top of our priorities as it continues to be one of the highest risk occupations within the UK.
  • Environmental aspects are continuously affected by our industry and Curo strives to minimise the risk of pollution, waste, nuisance to our surroundings, as well as maximising recycling.
  • Sustainability at Curo takes on an important role as we aim to offer support to our Clients to deliver a project that minimises its environmental impacts and a sustainable future for our people, customers and the local communities.
  • Community Involvement is an area that Curo take an active engagement with local communities and supporting local charities.
  • Employees are vital to the future of Curo and the wider industry, therefore we provide good working conditions, equal opportunities, training and development to further enhance the company, while looking to always improve employee satisfaction.
  • Clients Relationships at Curo continue to be enhanced by providing a support to their needs and high-quality customer support throughout the life of the project and beyond.
  • Suppliers and Partners are treated with respect and Curo develop long standing relationships with companies that follow our social objectives.