The construction process can have a major effect on the environment.

At Curo we look to only impact the environment in the most positive way possible to help improve the quality of life of the future generations. It is always our aim to go beyond compliance with industry standards and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver environmentally responsible yet affordable solutions. Our key objectives are:

  • Minimising waste produced on our sites through seeking innovative ways of working and maximising the recycling of waste that is produced
  • Reduce the risk of pollution
  • Encourage the use of, and procurement of sustainable materials, which meet the industry’s responsible sourcing standards
  • Ensuring through everything we do, we avoid nuisance to our neighbours
  • Consideration of transport impacts on the areas we work within from staff travel to deliveries
  • Protecting and enhancing the biodiversity on our projects
  • Using subcontractors and suppliers that share our environmental vision
  • The use of smart construction solutions to minimise carbon emissions
  • Training our staff and operatives on the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly construction